Jazz always sells

Arduous, yes. Tortuous, damn right – but it did sell to the first viewer and provided profit despite the surgical removal of the cat – the catalytic converter. Finding a low mileage automatic is getting difficult now, moreso with low- life’s lopping off cats to sell to dodgy scrappies resulting in many being written-off. Easy car to work on with wings and a front bumper bar that can be massaged back into shape. I spotted a 94K Jazz with what seemed to be some relatively minor rear-end damage that sold for a bid price of £560. I would have had that but have committed to getting rid of old stock – with coercion from the other half.

Luckily, the buyer bought my Jazz by default as his first choice was a Toyota Auris that had sold prior to arrival from Scotland. His offer of £1800 was upped another £50 because of fuel in the tank and off he drove to Cornwall. Result !

Words are copyright of Sotiris Vassiliou

February 2021