A genuine Honda cat ?

I bought – yet another Honda Jazz automatic, sight unseen as you can’t physically view because of Covid restrictions.

It arrived and a spy beneath revealed a rarity – an original Honda catalytic converter. Not wanting to go through what I went through with the previous Jazz whose cat was cut-off, I promptly ordered the cheapest aftermarket replacement I could find online for £59.99 – an increase of £6 from one bought last year.

It cost me £100 to have it replaced though, with the garage owner showing me film of the Jazz’s rusted bolts as justification for my perceived inflated payment. With original catalytic converter safely in my hands, I thought of its worth then cheekily doubled it in an online advertisement. Next morning, with texts received, it then sold to a metal merchant (for £20 less than I advertised it for) who said it contained platinum, palladium and rhodium. When asked, he said his margin was £25 which I strongly dispute and there was no request of the V5 vehicle registration document to check legitimacy. Subsequently, I enquired at a metal refiners to discover that I had sold it £40 too cheaply.

My advice is: if you have an original catalytic converter for a Honda Jazz or Toyota Prius, get it removed as soon as then replace it with an aftermarket product. This way, you will have money spare after covering cost of replacement and labour that you wouldn’t have it the cat was cut-off !

Words are copyright of Sotiris Vassiliou

June 2021