How do you change a headlight bulb on a Vauxhall Astra (J) ?

…with difficulty if it’s the first time. The first issue is you can’t see the bulb holder as it’s obscured on the passenger side by the washer bottle nozzle which can be twisted and pulled out assuming that the liquid level is low enough. Secondly, realise that those headlight bulbs are secured by two T20 torx screws but DO NOT remove them – just unscrew them half a turn. Thirdly, clip the replacement bulb within its plastic wiring shroud then place in its hole and turn clockwise slightly and then tighten those screws. My top tip was to tape the T20 attachment to the rachet as if it drops, it would be a nightmare to retrieve. Fortunately, Vauxhall simplified this difficult process on successive Astra models as the bulb covers are now visible from the top of the headlight unit !