Who stole my cat ?

Where my cat used to be

Spreading with voraciousness Covid-19 aside, is the theft of Honda Jazz (2002- 08) catalytic converters. I had been aware of this issue, warning others to be careful where parking their cars although I have now a victim of this heinous crime. Incredibly, it was parked on a residential street for only two days…two days for our cat to be cut-off!

On ignition, it sounded like a Massey Ferguson tractor with lit engine management light being enough to confirm what had happened. A crouch down at the front of the car identified two wires drooped down in resignation to their fate – they used to be connected to the oxygen sensors before they were snipped, that in turn connected to the catalytic converter. It’s not a cheap fix either and frustratingly, my Jazz had almost been completed in readiness for advertising. %$$£) !

After my anger had subsided, an aftermarket catalyst was priced at £53.99 with fitting kit £8.03 and centre silencer £27.87. Those oxygen sensors will be expensive with one car breakers wanting £200 for two original used ones. Mechanics say the plug-in ones are better compared to sensors that you have to connect to the snipped wires but that engine management light may come on again. I had that with a 07 Ford Ka despite having paid for the sensors to be replaced only to discover that the management light had annoyingly reappeared. We’ll see whether the stricken Honda will sell as is…

Nope it did not despite phone offers of £1000. To endure the pain of completion, two sensors were bought at £49.38 with another £130 labour charge to attach everything. That included having to snip sensor connectors which were different to the originals. Happily, with battery terminal disconnected, the engine ECU reconfigured itself to recognise the new sensors and that engine management light that I was suspicious of has not illuminated – so far. Final hurdle in sight now to realign the front bumper and repair a holed wheel liner. Exhale.

Words and photo are copyright of Sotiris Vassiliou

August 2020