DVLA Data protected ?

Has anybody noticed that the previous owner’s name and address are not visible on the V5 registration document ? It’s as a consequence of the Data Protection Act 2018 although I admit to previously contacting previous owners by letter enquiring whether they had any receipts or service history for cars that I’d bought – never had any response though.

Why is it then that the DVLA charge for getting third party owner and vehicle information from £2.50 to £5? Isn’t this hypocritical and a money-making earner ? However, there must be ‘reasonable cause’ to do so, for example finding out who was responsible for an accident.

Obtaining information by payment clearly contradicts and makes a mockery of the law that has been designed to protect anonymity. Moreover, I predict that the DVLA will become reduced in size to increase efficiency and to eliminate some outmoded processes, for example with registration of motor vehicles that has to be done by post with payment received only by cheque or postal order.


Words are copyright of Sotiris Vassiliou

June 2019