No start No drive Peugeot 107 ?

So why did I successfully bid for it then ?

It had a recent MOT, had just been taxed and the milometer showed it had travelled since the certificate was issued.

So, did it drive then ?

Err…no – but the starting motor turned – and turned !

Lesson learnt. Okay okay, not such as good buy, then. It is a semi-automatic though, which are sought after and is a 2011 model bought for £762.40 including auction costs.

Further ‘issues’ discovered were a badly cracked windscreen and steering that ‘steered’ the front wheels at different angles – a dodgy MOT, then ? ‘Oh and a driver’s side wing with a massive ding in it. Okay – best get recovery arranged. So my deduced reasoning was demolished by a series of problems.

Eventually, it was transported back to Manchester by a disgruntled driver who had difficulty unloading it because of uncommunicative steering.

Coils and spark plugs were checked leaving an immobiliser that wouldn’t communicate with the Electronic Control Unit displaying the dreaded B2799 fault code. Advised to buy a lock set, one was ordered from Silverlake in Southampton who promptly sent two door locks, ignition barrel, central locking control box with ECU and petrol filler cap.

Just a case of plugging those up then ? – which I did with the 107 still refusing to start. The supplier was called after another control box was discovered then they sent me a speedometer cluster and power steering control box.

Yep, you’ve guessed it – no start even after fuses and wiring were checked.

Dave, the auto electrician, equipped with three different scanners came to the stricken 107 and after internet research discovered yet another control box, he adamantly verified as the immobiliser’s. Strangely, the supplier had sent me a central locking control box that I’m assuming they thought was the immobiliser’s as it was to the right of the steering column. That’s where we’re at this moment with £112 spent on an incomplete lockset and £40 on an autoelectrician who made that vital revelation. Silverlake – send me that small immobiliser control box asap then we might get some closure on this sorry saga – and all this during Lockdown as well !

Another day – another lock set but from a matching semi-auto that I spotted on the company’s website that they seemed oblivious of. Yes, it contained the elusive immobiliser control box but yet again, it would not talk to the ECU. So, I can’t drive the 107 or move it but it’s taxed as a slight reassurance until I can plan my next move. I have time on my side but during the Covid lockdown, many businesses are literally locked down !

Here we are in a new year but same old – with wishbone replaced (£50 labour) the 107 can now be pushed ! – after remaining still for the past eight months. Best to bite the bullet with this one and away it was despatched for £47 to where it came from.

If the car’s description states : no start, no drive; don’t do it – ever!

Words and photo are copyright of Sotiris Vassiliou

May 2020January 2021