On test: Sakura car vacuum!


On test… the Sakura car vacuum cleaner with the sole advantage that you can plug it into¬†a 12V power supply to give your car¬†a quick¬†valet, so no extension lead from the house or across the pavement posing a potential health and safety hazard. The limitation of¬† power is that suction will collect¬†sand, crumbs¬†and small stones that often get brought in by your feet although¬†ingrained filth will need a full-sized vacuum to expel. The dust filter is easily cleaned, within a transparent, blue plastic container that’s easily unclipped to pour out dirt.

After one year’s use, we’ve found that the wire connection is breaking as you have to¬†fiddle with¬†the area where the¬†cable connects to the vacuum to get it to work, ¬†although that may be due to winding of the cable after use that does more harm than good over time. A white attachment to access corners and crevasses, that slides into the vacuum body falls off¬† too often under pressure¬†so some redesign seems appropriate here. There are better car vacuums out there so advice is to spend a bit more on one¬†and¬†keep scrubbing!

Words and photo are copyright of Sotiris Vassiliou

July 2012

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