P0238 fault code with three warning lights !

Yellow lights actually – Coil light flashing with an absence of start-stop ignition then engine management light on and now DPF light.


Engine performance good. Strangely, oil was very low after less than ten thousand miles since the previous change with Castrol Magnatec oil. There had been a coolant leak from nearside front radiator suspected from a minor impact years ago although it has now stopped and I doubt whether there’s a connection to the warning lights. Oil topped up, MAP sensor replaced and Redex DPF cleaner hasn’t erased any of the lights. Over 70 miles travelled using Shell Optimax didn’t work either but it drives fine with no radiator leak detected. Inspected underneath and felt rubber pipe running from the DPF pressure sensor that seemed intact. Disconnected DPF sensor to see whether scanner would register fault which it did.

Engine won’t rev beyond 3000 rpm when stationary (Seat said it won’t go beyond this when idling) and diagnosis scanner shows 0 for MAF. Engine ran with MAF disconnected which indicated that the sensor was faulty. MAF is housed within airbox top and was removed, blown then reassembled within airbox then hose reattached. With MAF disconnected, engine now turned but wouldn’t start. P0238 fault code remained although no DPF light showing when stationary which continued after a thirty five mile motorway run. Engine felt more spritely. Was there dirt on the MAF or did a feel of the DPF pipes loosen a blockage ?

Words are copyright of Sotiris Vassiliou

September 2021