Warning sign?

Red light¬†illuminates dashboard; bad. “Delta One-Niner, going down…”

The Audi displayed its woe around a year ago followed by three long beeps in case I was colour-blind. Light in question showed an oilcan so we have an oil pressure problem. Now, I look after the Audi so there was plenty of oil in the sump but two sensors screwed into the oil filter housing were surely the problem, or were they? So, off I went to Euro Car Parts to buy a replacement low pressure sensor as oil had stained the base of it, a sure sign of a leaky seal. Screwed sensor in and silence, with no red hue.

Eventually those warning sounds came back, at times under acceleration or to keep me company on the motorway. Now, one year on and around eight thousand miles later, I¬†am accustomed to that irritation although have to forewarn passengers that there¬†is nothing to worry about, often with little effect. Peugeot’s 207 arrived to relinquish the Audi of its duties and was despatched to a friend who happens to be a mechanic. He informed me that the oil pump was weak as it wasn’t circulating oil to the top of the engine, or the head to use its proper name; something I hadn’t noticed to which he questioned, “Don’t you hear how quiet it is now?” to which I didn’t answer.¬†Not an easy job to replace as the subframe had to be¬†dropped to access it; ¬£250 squids later, to include a dulled bonnet and passenger wing respray¬†and I’m thinking, job done. The engine seems to perform as was although those beeps remain. The second high pressure sensor was bought and inserted and guess what, that warm, red square with the oilcan on it has come back to haunt me! The plot thickens…


Words and image are copyright of Sotiris Vassiliou

December 2009

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