Motoview’s editorial policy

Motoview’s raison d’etre is to create and publicise motoring journalism with a view, and strives to ensure that its content is independent and impartial; furthermore that opposing views on issues are represented where appropriate. Some excerpts in selected articles may be quoted from an online media organisation such as Newspress or publication and represents as accurately as possible the contents of the original.

Motoview endeavours to present motoring issues of the day across a wide range of sources with no value-judgement on the editorial coverage of a particular news story in any publication or other media source implied by the selection of articles chosen.

Motoview contains press releases from selected motoring–related organisations both in the UK and internationally and these are identified by the source given at the end of the story. Motoview exercises editorial control over press releases and will in certain cases edit or amend the contents in some way. Any opinions expressed in press releases are those of the organisation concerned and not of Motoview. Motoview reserves the right to publish any press release submitted by fax, post or e-mail unless the release itself or an accompanying letter clearly states that it is not for publication.

Should readers of Motoview wish to draw our attention to any errors or ambiguities in any article, or have any complaints or suggestions for improvements, please email us at

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